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Wastage Rates

A study by circular economy consultants, Reusefully Ltd, in 2022/ 23 assessed levels of concrete blocks and ready-mixed concrete wastage on construction sites and found out that the amount of site wastage and surplus to use is significantly lower than estimates developed by WRAP Net Waste well over 15 years ago.

Reusefully’s study is the most detailed assessment of concrete site wastage to date. 43 EPDs and 13 separate peer-reviewed papers were examined by researchers. Reusefully also looked at several European national databases for construction products’ embodied carbon. 31 survey responses were received by Reusefully, followed by 13 in-depth interviews with industry experts and major UK housebuilders.

Feedback from both surveys and interviews repeatedly indicated that the amount of dense, aerated and lightweight block site wastage on site does not exceed 5% and can be as low as 3% if certain requirements are met on site. The survey found that blocks with minor visual imperfections were usable by blockwork contractors and some projects would move unused and surplus product to other sites. The study also found that ready-mixed concrete wastage on site was around 1% to 2% compared to WRAP’s 5% conservative estimate.

More information on the project can be found the Concrete Quarterly Spring 2023 issue here. The new Reusefully report can be found below.


Published: 2023

Reusefully Ltd have completed a study for the MPA Masonry to provide an updated set of wastage rates for blocks and ready mixed concrete. The current wastage rates were developed well over 10 years ago and are used in various assessments and guidance, including whole life carbon assessments.