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Masonry Construction Explained

Masonry Construction Explained

Published: 2024

This guide provides an introduction to the use of masonry and concrete in low-rise housing, starting with the benefits they provide. This is followed by an overview of block and brick types/sizes, external cavity walls and beam and block ground floors. Each of these sections cover the basic format, material options and performance properties. The second half of this guide provides key thermal performance information for masonry and concrete, starting with thermal bridging considerations and followed by extensive U-value and thermal property data for a range of external walling systems.

The U-value information complements the limited examples provided by the Future Homes Hub in its Part L masonry guide, and uses the same technical specification/assumptions. The final part of the guide provides an overview of the passive thermal performance provided by the thermal mass in masonry and concrete, which has the ability to reduce the risk of summertime overheating and reduce space heating loads in the heating season using Passive Solar Design.