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Project 80, Birmingham

Midland Heart Housing Association turns traditional to deliver
the future of UK residential construction with eco-friendly homes

Project 80, Birmingham, is a landmark housing development delivering high-performing, energy-efficient and eco-friendly homes, paving the way for a new era of sustainable residential construction. The brainchild of forward-thinking housing association, Midland Heart, its design and construction has been significantly influenced by the Future Homes Standard, set to be introduced in 2025.

From the outset, Midland Heart was keen to meet all the requirements of the new regulations, which will see all new homes expected to produce a 75 to 80% reduction in carbon emissions compared to currently accepted levels.

The Future Homes Standard covers a wide range of criteria and the developer had to carefully plan every aspect of the build to ensure the lowest whole-life carbon performance. This ranged from the materials chosen and systems specified, through to the machinery used on-site and the fixtures, fittings and finishes in the property.

A low carbon home also needs to be structurally safe, built to last and comfortable for the occupier. This meant balancing achieving the Future Homes Standards requirements without compromising the essential elements which comprise a quality home.