Masonry has a proven track record of being an important part of housing, non-domestic and infrastructure developments over many years. There is public acceptance of masonry construction within our built environment and this facilitates it through the planning process. There is also private preference for robust long lasting dwellings that perform well and maintain value far beyond the typical mortgage period.

A range of masonry blocks are used in the UK and these are explained in Product Information and are combined in an even wider range of wall solutions.

Innovations, inherent flexibility, local supply chain, durability, robustness and cost effectiveness have ensured that masonry remains a key construction material.

About Modern Masonry

 Modern Masonry is a body that seeks to ensure developers and designers, customers and occupants understand the benefits of masonry solutions. It provides guidance on design of masonry and furnishes government and influencing organisations with the evidence of how masonry can contribute to a sustainable built environment. It is supported by the Aircrete Products Associaton, Concrete Block Association and MPA Mortar.

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