Besblock Invest In Capacity To Support More Housing

There is cross party consensus that more houses are needed.  As explained in the Modern Masonry housing whitepaper response, there has been and continues to be investment to increase supply of blocks to deliver more houses.

One example is Shropshire based concrete block firm Besblock which has invested in expanding its business to cover more of the UK, securing deals with housebuilders across the country. The long-established family firm, formed in 1972, only last year announced an investment of £1 million which includes further plans to invest in technology and environmentally friendly vehicles.

With the government pledging to build one million houses before 2020, the need for speed in housebuilding has never been greater and with Besblock producing an impressive ten miles of concrete blocks a day, it is more than possible for them to meet the soaring demands from the national housebuilders.

The Shropshire-based firm has been able to achieve this incredible figure by structuring the production of blocks with logistical shift patterns which is supported by an increased number of staff. 

The investment in up to date machinery allows the company to further increase block production, whilst protecting the environment. The company is keen to further expand production as the market grows and the demand increases in order to meet the ambitious government target.